Upcoming Events

16th September 2008 - Derwentside Housing Tenants Conference

We are delighted to have been invited to take part at the two day event, held at South Causey Equestrian Centre near Stanley, County Durham. It follows a successful day working with the housing staff, at the same venue in July 2008.

22nd August 2008 - B-Leaf. Blyth

Another event that sprung from our partnership with Blyth Valley Housing, concerning Financial Inclusion.

14th August 2008 - Deerbolt Young Offenders Institute

Following from a day working with NEPACS in Durham, May 2008, we were delighted to be asked to bring our workshop to the Education Centre at Deerbolt. Following a last minute cancellation due to A1 closure last month, Doug was able to hold an impromptu debt management workshop with the group. We were then able to re-book the session for 15th August.