Upcoming Events

18th May 2010 - a4e Carlisle Square, Newcastle



20th May 2009 - Wear Valley Customer Panel, Auckland Castle, Bishop Auckland.

Wear Valley Customer Panel originally saw us last year at Derwentside Tenats Conference, and expressed an interest in working with us at a later stage. We have now been asked to perform 2 sessions on 21st May, at their conference at Auckland Castle. There are many events over the course of the day, which focuses in part on the needs of young people aged 16 to 25. For further details, contact Lesley at this email address   


18th May 2009 - Middlesbrough Strategic Partnership - "It's Only A Few Quid..."

We are very pleased to have been asked to perform for a ommunity event hosted by Middlesbrough Strategic Partnership. We will be performing our new work "It's Only A Few Quid..." which addressess the problems caused by Loan Sharks. Please see our home page for details. For any further information about the event contact:


12th May 2009 - Keyring. Birmingham.

The 8th date of our 'tour' working with Keyring and their members. We will present 'One Family's Story' to two separate groups and take part hopefully in Keyring's excellent 'Personal Safety' workshop. For details of Keyring's work please browse their website


11th May 2009 - Keyring. Bristol.

We continue the Shontal 'tour' with a visit to Bristol, to work with Keyrings networks in that area. We are looking forward to meeting the folks from the west country, and seeing if they can understand our North East accents...

5th May 2009 - North Tyneside Housing Staff Event.

Following up on our work with the Financial Inclusion Team, we will step indoors at North Tyneside to work alongside the team for a staff awareness update.

21st April 2009 - Keyring. Shrewsbury.

A journey down the M6 from manchester to meet the Keyring networks in the Shropshire area. Please browse Keyring's website for details of their work. We are looking forward once again to taking part in the day, with two performances of 'One Family's Story', and to joining in with Keyring's excellent 'Personal Safety' workshop.


20th April 2009 - Keyring. Manchester

We are very pleased to be working alongside Keyring again, having had tremendous welcomes from them at Newcastle, Doncaster and Lincoln. Keyring work with adults with varying abilities, and strongly share the belief that people should be entitled to live their lives independently in their own homes. This session, as with the others, sees us performing 'One Family's Story' to highlight the issues of debt, and financial literacy. Keyring present their workshop dealing with 'Personal Safety' and 'Financial Abuse', to explore issues which Keyring members identified as of paramount importance. Visit Keyring's Website:


8th April 2009 - The Point, Blyth.

We recently began working with 'The Point' with some of their young people. We are very happy to asked back by Michael to work with a young parents' group.

16th September 2008 - Derwentside Housing Tenants Conference

The second of two days of tenants conference, held at South Causey Equestrian Centre near Stanley, County Durham. We are hoping to work closely with Derwentside Housing again in the near future.