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Pay Ahead Stay Ahead Birminghams BL IFC - 10th April 2016

April 2016

Three Year Project Comes to an End

Pay Ahead Stay Ahead Birminghams BL IFC Project came to an end, we followed their progress over 3 years on film, view the completed video:

Our thanks to everyone for all your help and support

Accrington BL IFC week - 24th August 2015

24th to 28th August

Play in a week with a group of 14 to 16 year olds.

We took everything with us, script, sound system, writer, actor and drama leader and sometime debt specialist.

They didn’t need any of it; from scratch they created, staged and performed to a live audience, their own unique piece of work.

Our thanks to everyone it was a great week!

Hull BL IFC Project - 15th September 2014

15th to 18th September

Working across the community, highlight the importance and mechanics of Saving by a group of year 7 and year 8s; they quite simply took my breath away.


Knowsley BL IFC Project - 8th September 2014

8th to 12th September

Working with a range of community groups to Improve their Financial Confidence, a first for Shontal was a member of the audience pursuing one of the characters across the stage to take her mobile phone from her, because she wasn't listening to her dad - pure gold!


Play in a Week - Birminghams, BL IFC Project - 17th August 2014

17th to 21st August

Clients created their own piece of work from scratch. Working in a commercial theatre they then performed the piece to an invited audience. The project now has a valuable resource and some hugely talented young people to take their work further afield


White Horse Project - 26th June 2014

Two days of intense work on the White Horse Project, working at Rossendale High School


Four sessions with a year group at a time, each session consisted of a performance of OFS, volunteers were then taken away to rehearse their own scenarios, then brought back and performed in front of their fellow students. The remaining audience were taken through a budget exercise designed for new recruits at Catterick Garrison, we deliberately crash the budget to allow us to reinforce key messages.

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