Upcoming Events

10th April 2011 - Housing Hartlepool Housing Academy

2nd performance of ' Rat Trap ' at Phoenix Centre, Hartlepool, debut for actors Paul Armstrong and Michaela Devenport

29th March 2011 - Dame Allans School

Two performances and follow up financial literacy workshop over two hours per session to Year 8's also to encourage volunteers to look characters not seen in the piece and to improvise for about 10/15 minutes at the ed of each session

26th March 2011 - Yorkshire Housing

Tenants event one performance of OFS, to over 70 tenants and other agencies

25th March 2011 - Town and Park

Two performances of OFS Year 7's Twynrodyn School, Merthyr Tydfil plus follow up session where volunteers get a chance to a bit of Acting

23rd March 2011 - Affinity Sutton

One performance of OFS to a number of their sheltered schemes, cancelled from Christmas, Sarah can expect a hard time

15th March 2011 - Yorkshire Housing

Staff training day, one performance of OFS, to look at the effects of friends and family on how people manage their money

27th May 2010 - Brussels Conference 2010

European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, rescheduled to 14th September

27th May 2010 - Wakefield Schools

20th May 2010 - Sure Start Cramlington


19th May 2010 - Clifton Community Arts, Rotherham

8.50am - 1.10pm