...is the story of Tanya and Keith. A normal couple with a young son and a baby on the way who manage to attract an impressive portfolio of debt, most of it because of changing personal circumstances.

We witness their journey into debt through meetings with a variety of characters including Edith the doorstep lender, an unethical banker and a very persuasive shop assistant as well as an old school friend offering good advice and their own interaction at home. Then Tanya encounters a visitor from beyond the grave who shows her the error of her ways.

ISOS Housing Group:
ISOS Housing Group have asked us to adapt this piece to help raise awareness of the impending changes in housing benefit and in particular the 'Bedroom Tax'.
Some extracts and outtakes from the current show can be viewed here
Bedroom Tax 2013
bedroom tax outtakes

You are welcome to view an extract from an older version of this drama and some other out-takes from Shontal productions.

(This work was commissioned by Graham Brewis, Financial Inclusion Manager at Homes For Northumberland, formerly Blyth Valley Housing. Intended to show that credit can be affordable, the theme is intended to be light hearted and humourous, and our aim is to promote credit unions as a good way to save and spend.)

Suitable for all viewers. Please contact us for further information.