"One Family's Story"

...is a one hour interactive theatre based performance workshop. It concerns two members of the same family caught up in a spiral of debt, there is nothing unusual about the way the family live, they have similar lifestyles to those of us in the wider community, we see the likely outcome of this situation if neither character addresses the problem.

We encourage groups to become as involved as possible. Opportunities are given to all participants to question the characters at certain points in the workshop. Ultimately the group is able to effect change upon the family by stopping the action and offering advice.

We aim to seek involvement of local Credit Unions, in order to help promote the idea that individuals can 'Save and Spend' rather than enter into expensive credit card and finance agreements.

The important message is that being in debt is not the end of the world, and the session aims to show that solutions are available. We aim to address serious issues, whilst often portraying certain aspects in a light hearted manner.

We encourage groups to give us as much feedback as possible, to help us understand what we are doing well, and what we can improve upon.

We supply a feedback form online, which can simply be completed and submitted back to us.